02 – Prepare your files

Why do you need this?

Because the program cannot open the audio or video file if it is not in the same folder as the CLAN file (You will create the CLAN file in the next lesson and it will help, if you already have a folder for the files you will be working with.

(00:18 min)

Prepare your files

  1. Place the video or audio file to be transcribed in a folder.



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01 – Download & Install CLAN
02 – Prepare your files
03 – Create a CLAN file
04 – Setup the CLAN file
05 – Play your video/audio (F5)
06 – Play your video/audio (Sonic Mode)
07 – Start transcribing
08 – Start transcribing (New Lines)
09 – Special Characters
10 – Special Characters (Overlap)
11 – Dependent Tiers
12 – Preferences (Autosave)