04 – Setup the CLAN file

Why do you need this?

Because this “code” you have to enter in the file will make it possible for you to play your video/audio, make timestamps (bullets) in your transcript, and add shortcuts to enter your speakers among other things.

(04:21 min)

Set up the CLAN file

In order to start transcribing, you have to enter a bit of code into the CLAN file.

Header lines

  1. @Begin Do not add anything
  2. @Options: CA
  3. @Media: (you have 2 options here)
    1. Go to “File” then click “Add Media”, a new window opens with the media files that are in the same folder as your transcript file.
    2. The name of the video/audio file (without extension). This is followed by a comma, a space and then either ‘video’ or ‘audio’
  4. @End Do not add anything . The transcription should be done above this line. It is always the last line of the file.

Add participants

  1. Go to Tiers
  2. Click on ID headers
  3. Fill in the fields marked by an asterisk: Language, Speaker ID and Role.

The data you input will be used to generate values for the following headers: @Languages, @Participants, and @ID, which are also mandatory header lines and will be generated automatically. 

♣♣ Note that languages should be given in three letter codes (e.g. ‘eng’ for ‘English’). You can add all participants right away (using the Create new ID option) or click Done and return and do more participants later. ♣♣

  1. Check for mistakes
  1. Run the (esc+L) check command to ensure you have filled everything out correctly.
    Seriously, do run the check command, if you made a mistake the program will not work properly!
  2. Save the file.



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