06 – Play your video/audio (Sonic Mode)

Why do you need this?

Because once you figure out how to use Sonic Mode (including the shortcuts), transcribing your audio/video will be a lot easier. Sonic Mode is especially useful to identify overlap.

(00:50 min)

Play your video/audio (Sonic Mode)

  1. Click on “Mode”
  2. Click on “Sonic Mode” (or press Esc+0).

The audio of the media file (video or audio) will be displayed as a graph (‘waveform’) on the screen. When using a video file, the first time you select Sonic Mode, you will see CLAN exports the audio from the video file (exporting video). Wait for the program to finish this process before you move on.

How to use Sonic Mode

  1. Click and drag over the wave form (media should play once you let go)

♣ Adjust the amount of audio visible on the screen with +H and –H (horizontal)

♣♣ Adjust the visual amplitude of the audio with +V and –V (vertical) ♣♣

♣♣♣ Should the audio be stereo and you would like to combine both channels (default):

  1. Click on “Edit”
  2. Click on “CLAN options”
  3. Select “Show mixed stereo sound wave ♣♣♣



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