CLAN – Top 4 Problems

Need To Know! – Top 4 CLAN Troubles

Below is a list with the Top 7 things you need to know to make working with CLAN a lot easier.

1 No spaces or periods “.” in media file names

If you have spaces or special characters in your media file name, CLAN can’t open the video or audio.

– Replace spaces and periods (or any other special characters) in the file name with ‘-‘ or ‘_’. Make sure to replace them in the @Media header as well as the actual file name.

– Only use letters and numbers in your file name.

2 CLAN crashes unexpectedly (sometimes)

Sometimes CLAN crashes unexpectedly. Unfortunately CLAN doesn’t automatically saves before it crashes, therefore you should enable the checkpoint function that saves your transcript after a set amount of characters written. To enable checkpoint you have to:

1 Go to “Edit” then “CLAN Options”

2 In the window at the top is a field.

3 Enter a number – that number is the amount of characters you have to write before CLAN auto saves your transcript

4 It’s a good idea to still save your transcript on a regular basis the old fashioned way (ctrl+s // cmd+s)

3 CLAN sometimes doesn’t export audio properly

If you are working with a video and you want to use Sonic Mode then CLAN automatically exports a .wav audio of the video. Sometimes that .wav file is corrupted and doesn’t work correctly.

– In that case delete the .wav audio file from the folder and open Sonic Mode again (= export the audio from the video again).

4 The transcript and media file have to be in the same folder

As it says – the transcript and the media file(s) have to be in the same folder, otherwise CLAN can’t play the audio / video file.

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