Learn CLAN

What is CLAN?

Functionally, CLAN has two parts: the editor and the commands window. In this course you will learn about the first part.

The Editor

The first part is the CLAN editor, which works similar to a text editor. It also includes a video and audio player with the option to link your text to a specific time in the video or audio (= make timestamps/bullets) that you can easily replay the make further analysis of your transcript easier. Other functions include shortcuts for speaker abbreviations and connecting annotations and comments to speaker lines.

What you learn in this course:

  • How to prepare your transcript file, so you can:
    • play your audio/video
    • link your audio/video to the text
    • add speakers
    • create speaker shortcuts
    • analyse your transcripts further
  • How to play your video or audio
  • How to transcribe text
  • How to add special characters (for Conversation Analysis)
  • How to link your video/audio to the text, so you can:
    • easily replay one line at a time
    • that playing your transcript at specific points in the transcript
    • analyse your transcript in more detail
  • How to link annotations and comments to speaker lines

How to approach this course?

It would be best to follow the course in the order that it is set up in, because if you miss some parts, other parts of the program might not work. Lessons 2,3, and 4 are especially crucial to ensure the program runs properly.

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