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How to align overlap in CLAN (Indent)


Aligning overlapping talk automatically. You don’t need to line up the overlap markers manually. If you put all the second overlaps at the start of the sentence, CLAN will line them up for you automatically.

Note: if you have not added in the overlap markers correctly, the programme will also point these mistakes out when you run this command.

This is how:

  1. Open the Command window (Windows>Command)
  2. Type ‘indent’ followed by a space
  3. Click on FILE IN
  4. Locate the file you wish the overlaps to align in.
  5. Add this file to the right panel.
  6. Click Done
  7. Click Run
  8. A new file will have been created in the folder, with the extension indnt.cex
  9. Open this file and you will see that the overlaps have been aligned.

Note: at times this doesn’t work completely. It’s worth checking the right overlaps have been brought into alignment, esp. with multiple overlaps in multiparty interaction.



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