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How to embed still images in CLAN

Embedding Still Images

You may want to add still images to your transcript, for example screenshots of documents the participants are referring to in the talk, or a screenshot of the intonation contours. These will then appear when you reach the selected point in the transcript.

This is how:

  1. Make sure you are not in Sonic Mode (See Mode menu)
  2. Insert a blank line into the transcript.
  3. In the blank line, add the header %pic: followed by a tab, and (optional) a name for the image
  4. Add a bullet (ctrl+I)
  5. Locate the picture (not sure all formats are supported: definitely jpegs though)
  6. Click Open File
  7. The image is now added to your CLAN file. Ctrl+click on the bullet to see the image.
  8. When playing the file with F6, the image will appear in a separate box when you reach the place where you inserted the file.


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