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How to make collections (GEMS) in CLAN

Making Collections: GEMs

You may want to organize certain sequences in your data into a collection of instances of a particular phenomenon or feature of interest, and to subsequently export all of these instances into a single file.

To make a collection:

  1. In the CLAN file, locate the sequence that you want to add to a collection you can search for at a later stage.
  2. Add a line before the sequence. Place the Begin GEM header @BG: followed by a tab, and then add the collection name, for example ‘other_repair’, ‘extreme_case’.
  3. Create a line after the last line of the sequence you want to mark. Add the End GEM header @EG:, followed by a tab, and again add the name of the collection.

To search for all the items in a collection:

  1. Open the Commands window (Windows>Commands)
  2. Type ‘gem +snameofcollection’ (for example: +slaughter_sequence)
  3. Click on FILE IN and locate the file(s) you want to search in
  4. Add the file(s) to the right box and click Done
  5. Click Run
  6. The collection will appear in a new output file (see below). This can be saved as a .cha file for playback.

32 *** File “/Users/spencer/Workshop CLAN/Nottingham/02. Linking Software

Workshop Exercises/Ex10-GemCollection.cha”: line 64.

33 @BG: laughter_sequence

34 *FRA: i do love sailing boats

35 *ROS: you d- you love sailing boa⌈ts⌉

36 *FRA: ⌊no ⁇b-⌋ no⁇ just kidding

37 *ROS: ⌈huh huh huh huh huh⌉

38 *FRA: ⌊huh huh huh huh⌋ huh huh

39 (1.1)

40 @EG: laughter_sequence

42 *** File “/Users/spencer/Workshop CLAN/Nottingham/02. Linking Software

Workshop Exercises/JMSH_BLT_BV_20130513_YT_IN.cha”: line 10.

43 @BG: laughter_sequence

44 *ROS: i- i think people think that germans eat a lot of mus⌈sels⌉

45 *BIR: ⌊no⌋

46 not at all

47 *ROS: no↗

48 huh huh huh huh huh huh

49 *BIR: in cologne but ⌈not⌉

50 *ROS: ⌊in⌋ cologne

51 *BIR: ⌈but not in germany⌉

53 @EG: laughter_sequence

If the new file contains sequences from different media files, make sure all media files are in the same folder as the output file, should you wish to play each sequence back using the same file.



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