Final Cut Pro X
(Video Editing)

1. User Interface (video)
2. Buttons (video)
3. Preferences (video)
4. First Steps (video & text)
5. Cut & Trim (video & text)
6. Crop & Transform (video & text)
7. Audio (video & text)
8. Export (video & text)
9. Subtitles (video & text)
10. Synchronization (video & text)
11. Multiple Angles (video & text)
12. Anonymisation (video & text)
+ Separate Combined Videos (text)

Adobe Premiere Pro
(Video Editing)
1. First Steps (video & text)
2. Cut & Trim (video & text)
3. Motion & Transform (video & text)
4. Audio (video & text)
5. Export (video & text)
6. Subtitles (video & text)
7. Synchronization (video & text)
8. Multiple Angles (video)
9. Censor/Anonymize (video & text)

(Video Editing)

Anonymize/Censor Video (text)

Apple iMovie
(Video Editing)
Slow Motion Video (text)
Separate combined videos (text)

Getting Started in 10 Steps (video)
Learn CLAN Course (video & text)
Subtitles with CLAN and Handbrake (video & text)
Need To Know! Top 4 CLAN Troubles (text)
Measuring Pause Length (text)
Colouring Keywords (text)
Indent (text)
Making Collections: GEMs (text)
Counting GEMs (text)
Piping (text)
Timedur(ation) (text)
Embedding Still Images (text)
Thumbnails: Gesture Annotation (text)
Searching and Coding with COMBO (text)
Exporting to ELAN (text)
Hiding and Displaying Tiers (text)
Switch Synched Videos (text)

What is ELAN? (video)
New Project (video)
Basic Functions (video)
Types and Tiers (video)
Annotations, Segmentation and Transcription (video)
Export your transcript to Word (video)
Coding using controlled vocabularies (video)
Adding Subtitles to Movie Files (text)

Basic overview and importing media (video)
Selecting and zooming and extracting audio selections (video)
Creating a textgrid, segmentation and transcription (video)
Adjusting the pitch analysis, drawing and exporting (video)

(Image Editing)

Increase DPI (text)
Anonymize/Blur Images (text)
Make Images Black and White (text)

(Image Editing)
Anonymize images (text)
Make images black and white (text)
Image Ratio (with background) (text)

(Image Editing)

Make images black and white (text)
Anonymize/blur images (text)
Use stencil effect to anonymize images (text)

Adobe InDesign
(Desktop Publishing)
Layout (text)
First Steps (text)
Text box & Text Editing (text)
Media Box & Media Editing (text)
Layers (text)
Add Pages (text)
Master Pages (text)
Create Guides (text)
Add Page Numbers (text)
Export to PDF, PNG etc. (text)

(Convert Video Files)

Convert videos to MP4 (text)
Add subtitles to videos (video & text)

(Convert Video Files)

Create container files (text)